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NRH Data and Software Files content visibilities in binary format.  Images can be computed for use with the NRH software or by the MAPPING SOFTWARE provided by D. Zarro.
NRH Software

        The NRH software is part of Solar Soft  (NRH tree). Requirements IDL 5.2 or greater and Solar Soft, Radio Observatories: NRH
        The sofware is run by the NRH command in the SSWIDL environnement.
        The data base visibilities files ,first, have to be converted in FITS images ("Visibilities To Images" widget). NRH software use various FITS formats files see NRH Format Files for information

     NRH tools
        The NRH widget procedure gives acces to
            Computation of FITS image files from NRH visibilities binary files
            Image analysis (Tv, Contours, Profile, Pixel coordinates, ...)
            Display many images in the same window
            Movie made from images in the FITS file
            Source Tracking (spatial and temporal evolution of different emitting components)
            Superposition of data from various instruments (the center of the sun and the solar radius must be given in pixel units, either in the FITS header, by manual entry or provided the field of view comprises the whole sun, by computation from three points on the limb) and results of Sources tracking or pixels coordinates
            Projection of images on a choosen direction and their time evolution

        These procedures can be applied to data of various types and instruments (GIF files, SOHO, YOHKOH, HESSI).

        The two following routines apply only to NRH data
            Flux computation and plots
            NRH data time integration

NRH Software and  MAPPING Software

        The SSWIDL command

                READ_NRH, File name, Index, Data

        Converts VISIBILITY files or NRH FITS files (result of Visibility to image conversion of the NRH software) to maps for the   MAPPING SOFTWARE  (D Zarro) or read images from NRH files (result of NRH conversion)
        It is possible to get one image at a chosen time or an array of images.

        The SSWIDL command

                READ_MAP_GIF, File name, Index, Data

        Gets an image from a GIF file and prepares it to use with the Mapping software.

NRH tools for HESSI
The NRH software provides also tools to analyse temporal evolution of HESSI observations

contact:Anne Bouteille

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