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BASS2000 archives and distributes groundbased solar observations provided by various instruments: the THEMIS telescop,  the RadioHéliographe and Réseau Décamétrique of Nancay, the SpectroHéliographes of Meudon and Coimbra, the Coronographe and CLIMSO of Pic du Midi, USET at Royal Observatory of Belgium ...
Three services are provided:

Paper describing BASS2000:https://doi.org/10.25935/9txj-f095

Paper describing HELIO/HFC:https://doi.org/10.25935/6p7v-4208

Data management plan

Commitment of Paris Observatory

Commitment of LESIA

Convention with Coimbra Observatory

Convention with the Royal Observatory of Belgium

ISSN 2417-8616


If you use BASS2000 data, please acknowledge data origin (instrument, or origin of the part of the solar spectrum you used, as well as atomic physics data obtained from VAMDC), and their dissemination through BASS2000.

f. ex. :

* In this paper, we used observations coming from the USET refractor, from Royal Observatory of Belgium, provided by BASS2000 website.


* Data have been obtained thanks to the IR solar spectrum from Delbouille et al. and line identification comes from VAMDC. BASS2000 website has been used to get those data.

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For scientific or technical questions or any suggestions, contact us!

Project team
  • Jean Aboudarham: Scientific director
  • Paulette Micheneau: DBA and system engineer (until April 2009)
  • Christian Renié: DBA, Database and web design

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