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High resolution Solar Spectrum
UV: from 670 Å to 1609 Å (SOHO/Sumer), resolution 0.04 Å
Visible: from 3000 Å to 10000 Å (Jungfraujoch), resolution 0.002 Å or 500 pixels/Å
Infra Red: from 10000 Å to 54000 Å (Kitt Peak), resolution 0.004 cm-1 (varies from 0.004 Å at 10000 Å to 0.1 Å at 50000 Å)

Results in ASCII format

Start Wavelength: :  Å (min = 670; max = 54000)
Wavelength range: :  Å (default value = 10, min value = 1)
Resolution:  Å (might be fixed to a higher value depending of wavelength range)
Output options
  with log scale

Solar spectrum between 380 and 870 nm with identification of rays and Lande factors: PDF (4.3 Mo/MB).

Note for visible and infrared:
The normalization of the solar spectrum is as follows: The continuum is estimated locally (in wavelength) and the intensities are normalized so that the continuum is 100 % (value 10000 on the plot). Continuity is preserved between different parts of the spectrum (it means that there is no discontinuity in the continuum). So, in fact, intensity are in 'local' arbitrary units.

UV: W. Curdt et al. (2001). Thank you to W. Curdt for his help.
Download the introduction of the paper version of the atlas (pdf format)
Visible: Delbouille L., Neven L., Roland G. (1972).
Download the introduction of the paper version of the atlas (pdf format)
Infrared: Delbouille L., Roland G., Brault, Testerman (1981).
Download the introduction of the paper version of the atlas (pdf format)

Wavelength datas from NIST logo and VAMDC logo databases.

Use cursor on the graph to select a zone to zoom in.

Move your cursor on the line to display wavelength value

Clicking on a point for details on this wavelength value from NIST/VAMDC databases

Use < and > icons to go to the next or previous wavelength range

1- Select Start Wavelength (between 670 Å and 1609 Å or between 3000 Å and 54000 Å)
2- Select Wavelength interval (wi) (maximum 1400 Å)
3- Select Wavelength resolution: 0.001 for wi < 50, 0.01 for wi<150, 0.1 for wi<700, 1.0 above
4- Push Ok button when ready
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