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Welcome on our website " BAse de données Solaire Sol 2000 "
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BASS2000 is an archive of french ground-based solar data and is constituded of two components : in Meudon, on-line data catalogues provide daily all observations of the Meudon spectroheliograph, some data of the Nançay radioheliograph and of the total flux antenna, as well as a few images per day of the Pic du Midi coronograph. Processed data are also available (such as synoptic maps for example). In Tarbes, the catalogue of off-line data contains THEMIS data (spectropolarimeter "MTR" and spectro-imagery "MSDP"), all data from the Nançay radioheliograph (all frequencies, full cadence), some data of the L.J.R at the Pic ! du Midi, and a good part of data from the Pic du Midi coronagraph.
In addition to these solar data catalogues, BASS2000 provide other on-line services : informations about instruments and processing codes, including various informations for the preparation of observations (THEMIS), a bibliography, public outreach pages about solar physics and lists of useful links.

Main Archive
  • Nançay radioheliograph (all raw data)
  • Pic du Midi Coronagraph (all calibrated images)
  • Lunette Jean Rösh (Pic du Midi)
Solar structure Archive
  • Pic du Midi Coronagraph
  • Meudon spectroheliograph
  • Pic du Midi Coronagraph (a few images/day)
  • Nançay radioheliograph (a few images/day)
  • Nançay total flux antenna
  • Nançay decametric array
  • Meudon heliograph
  • Magnetic field extrapolation on request


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